12-14 June 2024
HOTEL***** ZAMEK BISKUPI in Janów Podlaski

186 days
to the conference

We create the future of
intermodal transport

We invite you to the 4th edition of INTERMODAL IN POLAND – for the second time in a new congress formula. Last year, almost 400 participants took part in the event in the new formula of the annual international congress. Join the largest event in the intermodal transport industry! During the congress, leading TFL companies will meet with key partners for our business. We will host outstanding experts from Poland and abroad, representatives of state authorities, local governments, universities and industry organisations. The advantage of the congress is the content and the high level of debates and presentations – a diverse group of participants and experts guarantees a comprehensive view of the challenges facing our industry (including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the crisis in the industry). During the three days of the congress, we will exchange experiences and indicate the directions for the development of sustainable and intelligent transport for the coming years.

Be there where the future
of intermodal transport
is being created

Register for the INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2024 Congress


Be there where the future
of intermodal transport
is being created

Register for the INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2024 Congress


Unique location

Exceptional events require an appropriate environment that emphasises their importance, that's why we organise the congress on the historic doorsteps of Bishop's Castle in Janów Podlaski. It is a place that combines tradition and architectural values with comfort and functional congress facilities. A stay in the hospitable interiors of the Bishop's Castle will be an opportunity for inspiring discussions and integration of the intermodal transport industry. The proximity of the Małaszewicze Transhipment Area allows you to see with your own eyes how one of the most important rail border crossings in Europe, where global supply chains intersect, functions.

Study visits

The INTERMODAL IN POLAND Congress also has a practical dimension, offering participants a unique experience – a visit to the Małaszewicze Transhipment Area. Attendees of the congress will be able to see the terminals and hold talks with facility managers. Małaszewicze is an important place on the New Silk Road. A trip to Małaszewicze will allow you to learn about the practical aspects of the functioning of the most important "dry port" in Europe. The experience gained during the congress will certainly transform into business successes.

Perfect bunch of participants

Our congress is a meeting of an elite group of experts and practitioners – representatives of railway carriers, logistics operators, technology suppliers, providers of IT solutions, terminal operators, infrastructure managers, ports, forwarders, customs agencies and public administrations. Their extensive knowledge and rich professional experience guarantee a high level of the event. Join the best in the industry and take advantage of their "know-how"!


Networking is the establishment of business relationships for cooperation, knowledge and skills exchange. This is an indispensable element of any large industry event – exactly like our Congress. Networking sessions, based on trust and open communication, will help us get to know each other better, share ideas and solutions. There will be time to exchange experiences, inspiration and the so-called "good practices". Networking is conducive to establishing valuable and long-term business contacts. When leaving the congress, you will be enriched not only with new knowledge but also with new connections in the intermodal transport industry, useful in developing your business.

Presentations and exhibitions

Each large industry congress is supported by a series of accompanying events. It is no different in the case of the INTERMODAL IN POLAND 2024. Participants of the meeting will be able to take part in many interesting presentations and exhibitions that will bring us closer to the latest trends and innovations in the field of intermodal transport. It is an excellent opportunity to share practical knowledge, exchange experiences and establish business contacts. The programme of exhibitions promises to be very interesting – among other things, a novelty will be the exhibition of intermodal semi-trailers from leading European manufacturers. Get ready for surprises, lots of inspiration and a large dose of positive energy.

Interesting debates

An excellent group of experts will take part in lectures and panel discussions where the challenges faced by the intermodal transport industry in the near future will be discussed. We will address the issue of investment needs, the still-present effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new challenge posed by Russia's aggression against Ukraine for the Polish and global TFL industry. Issues related to the long-term policy of decarbonisation and changes in modalities in freight transport will also be discussed.